Confidence vs. Cockiness

by Orin Isaacs

A professional musician without swagger is like a guitarist who can’t play the first bar of Sweet Home Alabama. There are not many of them around. Self-confidence plays a significant role in success but there are plenty of examples of musicians who are drunk on swagger. Read the confessions of a music industry veteran and how overconfidence almost cost him the job.

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Orin Isaacs’ DJ Side Hustle at the Pan Am Games

How did Orin Isaacs get to DJ for the Pan Am Games, Toronto’s biggest party of the summer? Did he scope out an ad in DJ Times, respond to a LinkedIn job posting or did he cozy up to an insider like Kanye West or Serena Ryder to be invited in?

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Songs in the Key of Life

Musings on Stevie Wonder by a skinny little white girl who looked to Motown from across the river.

Stevie Wonder loves me. He told me so. Well, me and 10,000 other people at the Air Canada Centre (ACC) in Toronto on Oct 9. What a stupendous night of music and joy and love.

Here is the longer story:

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University Reacts to Violent Threats to Women on Campus

Hate-fuelled sentiments toward  Women and Gender Studies and Sociology students at the University of Toronto (U of T) drew swift reaction from the university on Tuesday. A statement in the comment section of a Toronto Sun article about recent lethal threats to students said: “the only good feminist is a dead feminist.” The university called the comments “deeply distressing and deplorable” and asked that all threats be brought to the attention of the police.

Monday's protest began outside the Sociology building at 725 Spadina Ave. and ended at the Women and Gender Studies building outside New College. Photo by Cherryl Bird
Ellie Adekur speaks to the crowd of protesters moving down Willcocks St. near Spadina Avenue.
Photo by Cherryl Bird

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Can a Novelist Be Too Productive Even After Their Death?

#TheGIRLisBACK – Genius hacker Lisbeth Salander lives on as The Girl in the Spider’s Web even though the author who wrote the Millennium series has been dead for 11 years.

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An Interview with Zac Holtzman–Part I

On the Road with Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever embarked on a 12-day, 14-gig, 10-city tour about a week after the U.S. and international release of their latest album The Deepest Lake. Zac Holtzman, the band’s bearded guitarist/vocalist, talked to Core Magazines about their adventures on the road, how they ended up together and some memorable moments they’ve shared.

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Life is a Parade

What do you do when you’re alone, without communication devices, in an unfamiliar city in the middle of a festival with a million revellers from seven continents?  Well, a New Yorker would go back to the car and wait patiently until her friends came to the same conclusion.

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I Love You

The frequent appearance of hearts in his photographs may be interpreted as some kind of sign – a pending miracle, an awakening, a message from the universe – or just one great, big coincidence. Whatever the reason, artist Stephen Hues accepts that hearts just always seem to appear to him or he is drawn to objects that contain them.

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