If A Place Could Be Made

If A Place Could Be Made

Runs from February 25-27 at LPSU Hall

Kitty and Daniel Daly of Riverhead, St. Mary’s Bay, had 12 children, six of whom were very tall and six of whom had achondroplasia, or dwarfism. Their great-grandaughter (and great-niece), songwriter Diana Daly, dancer-actor Louise Moyes, and director Anne Troake tell their stories through images, laughter, and a bit of Carlton Showband!

Purchase tickets online at the Resource Centre for the Arts Box office: http://rca.nf.ca/event/if-a-place-could-be-made
Location: LSPU Hall
Date and time: February 25-27, 8 pm
Funded by: Canada Council for the Arts, City of St. John’s, ArtsNL, RCA
Photos by: Andrew Winter
Soundscape by: Lori Clarke
Lighting design by: Robert Gauthier


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