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First Look at Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman (Video)

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The film opens June 2.










Warner Bros. gives us a long-anticipated first glimpse of DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman in action on Dare to Defy, a special on The CW on Tuesday, hosted by actor-director and comic book writer Kevin Smith.

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A Jann Arden Christmas at The Social

A Jann Arden Christmas at The Social co-hosts Traci Melchor, Cynthia Loyst, Jann Arden, Lainey Lui and Melissa Grelo on set. Photo by Cherryl Bird
A Jann Arden Christmas at The Social co-hosts (l-r) Traci Melchor, Cynthia Loyst, Jann Arden, Lainey Lui and Melissa Grelo on set. Photo by Cherryl Bird

“People come up to me all the time and ask me: What are the girls like on The Social?” says the indelible eight-time Juno recipient  and serial co-host Jann Arden, most notable for her ability to grab hold of our hearts in bittersweet lamentations of universal love, or about loosing your way and occasionally finding it again, in songs like Sleepless, Could I Be Your Girl, Good Mother, Insensitive, I Would Die For You, and Will You Remember Me.  She answers her own question: “They are terrible.”  The audience bursts into laughter because they are familiar with her other gift, her deprecating sense of humour.

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Touch Shia LaBeouf’s Soul

Touching anyone’s soul is hard, much-less the soul of the complex actor-turned-artist Shia LaBeouf and members of his art collective.  You can try though.  I have a phone number for you, where they’re standing by waiting for your call, or you can drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood to touch their souls in person.

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I Love You

The frequent appearance of hearts in his photographs may be interpreted as some kind of sign – a pending miracle, an awakening, a message from the universe – or just one great, big coincidence. Whatever the reason, artist Stephen Hues accepts that hearts just always seem to appear to him or he is drawn to objects that contain them.

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Taking in Strangers

Louise Moyes has a rare ability to connect with perfect strangers and she does so frequently on her journeys to St. John’s from Montreal, taking in the scenery and the people along Newfoundland’s isolated south coast via the Lower North Shore of Quebec and into Labrador, and turns those conversations along the way into pieces of art for the stage.

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A Moment

by Richard Crouse – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A few years ago I hosted some events at Fan Expo in Toronto. In between shows I sat in the greenroom, usually with my face buried in a newspaper or a book. One afternoon as I sat reading I felt someone come sit at the table with me. They didn’t say anything and I didn’t look up. It was so crazy busy on the floor; everyone was enjoying the relative tranquility of the greenroom and staying to themselves.

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For 13 years I have gone back and forth between St. John’s and Montreal…between Montreal …and St.John’s. St. John’s and Montreal. And so has Marilyn – the first time we met was in 1989, she’d come into the Continental Cafe in St. John’s between 3 and 5 for toast and tea. We’d let her stay as long as she didn’t make too much ssshh (noise)!…

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Hair Out of Place

The author's profile

I see a photograph of myself. In it I was on the bus travelling north to Tehran. We were going to visit friends, but that is not so important to the story. I was sitting alone because he was not talking to me. We were driving through the flat, dry landscape of my dreams, like the movies. I was wearing a maghnae, like a schoolgirl would wear, or a nun’s wimple. It’s tight around my face, but easier than wrestling with a headscarf that slides off my hair too easily. This particular day there was a stray hair sticking out, under my chin. I remember trying to locate it, unsuccessfully. It was troubling me. In the photograph I can see it, under my chin. That little hair sticking out reminds me of how I felt that day. Resigned. As much as I may have tried to tame the stray bits, one always found its way out of its cover.

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