Frantastic Yoga on the Beach at Woodbine. Photo: Leigh Nelson

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Toronto, Woodbine Beach

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Where does my contribution go?

Contributions from our readers allow us to publish the magazine. Funds go to website management, systems upkeep, software subscriptions and encryption services that allow the site to handle increased traffic and more content while being safe and fast enough to meet expectations by our readers.

How much does a subscription cost?

A subscription to Core Magazines can be as little as a dollar or as much as you want to give. There are multiple payment options. The recommended amount is $3 per month on a recurring plan, or you can give $20 one time toward our work, but you can choose another amount to suit your budget.

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No. Stripe charges 2.9% + C $0.30, +0.6% for international cards, +2% if currency conversion is needed, per successful card charge. The fees are not added to your payment amount.

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E-transfers can be sent to Cherryl Bird: Cherryl@ through your bank or financial institution. You only need an email address. Personal information is not required. But, if you use a secret question, remember to send us the answer.

Is it safe to pay online?

The Core Magazines site is SSL enabled and payment is processed through Stripe for even greater protection of your information. They comply with the highest industry standards.

Is Core Magazines still free?

Yes. Core Magazines is free, as it’s always been from the very beginning. That hasn’t changed. There is no paywall between you and Core Magazines. Visit at any time.

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I’ve put my own funds into the magazine since 2014, and it’s difficult to continue with little to no return on that investment — aside from the pure joy and fulfillment of following my passion, of course. Subscriber support will allow us to grow and to continue to bring you “local culture from around the world.” Thank you for your support! — Cherryl

Support local culture and journalism with positive social impact.

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