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When you’re in it

Sometimes we forget what it’s like to be in it when we’ve gone through it. And sometimes when we’re in it we feel like we will never make it through.

When Halestorm released the 10th anniversary edition of their debut album last year, the band’s gale-force lead singer Lzzy Hale made an entry into her diary. She said it felt like she’s lived several lifetimes since the debut. She wrote about the hard times they went through together as a band. They were able to make it through those tough times. So I thought I would scrape up her words and share some of them with you here. If you’re a musician, there may be some inspiration in it for you. 

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The time my friend’s dad loaned me fifty dollars

In my younger years I always kept my eyes open for opportunities that would help me grow in my career and my personal life and expand my world view. But I didn’t always have the resources to go after the things that would help me advance professionally or move me up the social ladder.

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Op-Ed: Earth Day 2019 – We don’t have time

by Kathleen Rogers and Ingmar Rentzhog

Humans have demonstrated, over and over again, a remarkable ability to cooperate in a crisis. The tragic fire at the beloved Notre Dame Cathedral was a case in point. Firemen and even members of the public rushed into the inferno, while millions of people around the world paced in front of their TV sets, wanting to jump in and help, anxiously waiting for the fire to be put out, and breathed a collective sigh of relief that there was hope for its survival. Donors rushed in behind first responders, generating a billion euros in financial support to rebuild within 24 hours. 

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