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Playing the Super Bowl to fight for social justice

The controversy about who would perform and what they would do during Super Bowl ended on Sunday night. To show support for the movement started by NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick many artists bowed out. Some who agreed to play felt justified in doing so.

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Hallow Knight – Is the descent into Hallownest worth the trip?

Hollow Knight is a masterclass on how to make a modern Metroidvania. Even for $15 there is a mountain of content in the base game as well as free content updates the developers are releasing in the next title, Gods & Glory. In short, it is an easy sell but if you’re still not convinced please read on. 

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Manchester United teams up with True Religion

One of the most popular sports teams in the world has united with another well-known global brand to dress footballers far and wide in the Manchester crest, as the official denim partner of the football club. And their merchandise is available starting Friday.

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Gal Gadot joins Reebok’s growing team of game-changing women

Fitness lifestyle brand Reebok announces a landmark partnership with real life wonder woman Gal Gadot. The company made the announcement on Thursday, saying that Godot is joining their growing team of game-changers – one that includes Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid and Victoria Beckham – as part of their commitment to empowering women worldwide.

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The Racing Game

Time:  May, Memorial Day weekend 1985
Place:  Lime Rock Park, a road course racetrack near New Canaan, Connecticut, USA

This was my first race and my third racecar experience, two years after my first racing school and almost two months after my second racing school adventure at the Elf/Winfield racing school in Le Castellet, France. Here we were, doing the thing that I wanted to do most, racing. With me were my mom and dad, my friend, Ms. Lee Brown, John and Valerie (now) Miller, Chris and Pam (now) Meyer, and my dog Barney.

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My Mille Miglia

…or A Thousand Mile Journey on an Open Road

The original Mille Miglia was a 1,000-mile, full-speed car race run on open, public roads in Italy from 1927 to ’57.  Many legendary drivers and carmakers participated in it. For the times, it was a very long race full of danger, calamity and, for some, triumph.

I welded the first few pieces of steel together for this project in 2011, a few months after my mother died, but this journey began nearly 50 years ago. I am building a ’74 AMC Javelin racecar that is, to this point, a culmination of my history, my dreams, and, for the most part, my identity.

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Satisfy your need for speed

1986 Pontiac Firebird on Ohio Valley track
1986 Pontiac Firebird – SCCA – 2012 Ohio Valley Sprints, original photo by Sheila Best

…by tightening up your hand technique

You see it in racing all the time, a car traveling at high or maximum speed; it either twitches or slides. The professional at the wheel often catches the car but sometimes doesn’t. To become a better driver, amateurs and near professionals should examine their sometimes less successful techniques up close. What you do behind the wheel; steering, throttle control and braking, should always be questioned if you’re interested in improving racing and driving skills.

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