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Where to eat in Accra

In Canada people are quick to warn you that when you travel abroad you have to be careful what you eat. They will profess with a warning not to eat street meat because of what happened to them or a friend of a friend when they did. We listened to their advice but once we arrived in Ghana, it was a different story we headed directly to a spot down the road from our hostel to try the local food.

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An Outside Look At MasterChef Canada Oktoberfest Cook-off [Photos, Review]

Finally, we can tell you what the food was like when MasterChef Canada home cooks came out of the kitchen to celebrate German culture with homemade sausages and beer.

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German-style Pretzels

cinnamon pretzel on a paper plate on a counter
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel fresh from the oven, photo by Cherryl Bird

At the corner of Bathurst and Bloor in Toronto’s Mirvish Village stands the beacon of the neighbourhood, although hollowed out only moments ago, still cradles rows of boutiques, retro stores, a wine shop and assorted gems like Bite & Sip. It’s a tiny little snack shack, a mere morsel, tucked into the belly of what was the giant carryall store Honest Ed’s. Run by its owner Milka Cobanov, from the former Yugoslavia, Bite & Sip is like a variety store for snacks.

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