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Cherryl Bird is the founder and editor of Core Magazines, and was an original founder and marketing director of Voice of Montreal (Voice Magazine), now called Vice Magazine. She is the former English editor and advertising executive for Images Interculturelles magazine, an award-winning bilingual (French-English) ethnocultural publication. She has an English/Sociology degree from the University of Toronto and studied Journalism at Humber College. When she's not writing or editing articles for, she creates and executes communications plans and public affairs strategies for the health care and education sectors. Cherryl loves music, travel and all things cultural.

Love You Live: The Shaping of a City’s Musical Identity

What do The Cockroaches, Lou Reed, The Ramones, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Mingus, Jimmi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Bob Marley all have in common – aside from the fact that they are captivating performers and musical geniuses?  They have all graced the stage of a legendary Toronto concert venue.

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