Press release falsely claims Black celebrities are endorsing Trump

This story will make you second-guess some of the reports you’ve heard recently about celebrities who endorse Donald Trump in the current election campaign against Joe Biden.

A press release is in circulation that mentions a number of celebrities who will be going to the White House in December for an event that the U.S. President is holding to speak to the Black community. But some celebrities are not happy that their names appear in the release and are calling it misleading.

Rapper Too $hort and Real Housewives of Atlanta reality TV star and radio host Claudia Jordan were not only surprised but they were upset when they received a copy of the press release yesterday with their names on it. 

Jordan and Too $hort wanted to clear up the rumours that they were supporting Trump in the elections—on the last day that Americans can vote. 

In a TMZ Live news story Jordan said, “A press release went out today with a bunch of Black celebrities and rappers’ names on it about an event going down at the White House in December with a bunch of rappers and I had a call yesterday with one of the organizers who was like, oh yeah, Too $hort is going to be there … and Lil Jon. I want to clear our names because people think we’re trying to help the Trump administration … and we’re not.”

Too $hort was on a split screen with Jordan and spoke out against the claim as well. He said, “I’m getting ready to vote right now and I promise you I’m not voting for Trump. I promise you I’m not. Anyone who is taking this moment as a photo-op, as an opportunity to go viral, to be relevant for a day, I can’t respect that. So, if that’s your intention—somebody going to go stand there and get in this picture with Trump, that’s not a good year for that.”

A TMZ reporter explained that a documentary film was shot called Trump vs. Hollywood, with various Black celebrities supposedly on both sides, that are supporting Trump as well as Biden. Jordan and Too $hort appeared on the list of celebrities in the documentary alongside Kid Rock, Isaiah Washington and others talking about the issues that face Black Americans and how Trump plays or could play a part or has not. 

Participants in the movie were invited to attend the screening at the White House in December. Jordan and Too $hort thought the press release issued by the White House made it seem as if they were attending the White House event in support of Trump, especially because of the timing, a day before the elections. They wanted to make it clear that they don’t support Trump and they took part in the film so that they could raise awareness of important issues. They feel that the press release was not transparent and that’s why they had to clarify their involvement.

Musician Eric B., an influential figure in rap music, has also spoken out saying that he got a phone call from the U.S. President inviting him to the screening, that he did not endorse the president and that the issue of endorsement was not even brought up in their conversation. 

The reporter said that the release is consistent with the Trump administration wanting to use these prominent voices in entertainment, figures in the Black community, to sculpt the narrative that they are in support of Trump and that’s what Jordan and Too $hort and others are speaking out against. 

Trump has said he has done more for the Black community than any other U.S. president but that claim has been proven to be false.

Too $hort and Jordan did speak in the documentary but they’re being lumped in with known Trump supporters like Kevin Sorbo, Scott Baio and Kid Rock in the press release, which at the least, is deceptive and stands a chance of influencing people to vote for them based on those false claims.

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