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Drake opens flagship store in Toronto to coincide with OVOfest

Drake and his posse roll up in a Cadillac-type vehicle, roam the halls clad in October’s Very Own (OVO) gear – like he and 20 of his best friends went for a stroll after dinner decked out in bling and sweatshirts with the owl OVO logo. Of course the mall is closed. The video, released on social media hit a million views like a Formula 1 vehicle – ‘zero to a hundred’ – in about 24 hours on Instagram.

Jump on this exclusive ride and tour the mall with Drake in a video from October’s Very Own.

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Songs in the Key of Life

Musings on Stevie Wonder by a skinny little white girl who looked to Motown from across the river.

Stevie Wonder loves me. He told me so. Well, me and 10,000 other people at the Air Canada Centre (ACC) in Toronto on Oct 9. What a stupendous night of music and joy and love.

Here is the longer story:

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Life is a Parade

What do you do when you’re alone, without communication devices, in an unfamiliar city in the middle of a festival with a million revellers from seven continents?  Well, a New Yorker would go back to the car and wait patiently until her friends came to the same conclusion.

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German-style Pretzels

cinnamon pretzel on a paper plate on a counter
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel fresh from the oven, photo by Cherryl Bird

At the corner of Bathurst and Bloor in Toronto’s Mirvish Village stands the beacon of the neighbourhood, although hollowed out only moments ago, still cradles rows of boutiques, retro stores, a wine shop and assorted gems like Bite & Sip. It’s a tiny little snack shack, a mere morsel, tucked into the belly of what was the giant carryall store Honest Ed’s. Run by its owner Milka Cobanov, from the former Yugoslavia, Bite & Sip is like a variety store for snacks.

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Drake Opens OVO Pop-Up in Toronto [More Photos]

New OVO Store Gear
OVO Store rep models “the 6” merchandise just for Core, photo by Cherryl Bird

Drake seizes the opportunity to outfit fans with legit merchandise with his official stamp of approval. They lined up around the block and down the graffiti-tagged alleyway and they did so pretty much all day, said neighbouring retail owner Bev Hisey. [More photos added]

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Love You Live: The Shaping of a City’s Musical Identity

What do The Cockroaches, Lou Reed, The Ramones, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Mingus, Jimmi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Bob Marley all have in common – aside from the fact that they are captivating performers and musical geniuses?  They have all graced the stage of a legendary Toronto concert venue.

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