On our way to Makola Market

In Accra, Ghana you can get your clothes measured to fit and made by a tailor with materials you select from Makola Market.

  • View from the car - fashion on the sidewalk
  • View from the car - stalls
  • View from the car - people walking about
  • view from the car - more fashion on the sidewalk
  • Seeing nature on the way to the market to buy fabric
  • A billboard advertising foundation
  • The arch building that looks like a capital "A" with a curved top
  • View from the car - street view of low-rise buildings
  • A storefront sign on a small building that says "Fashion Sowee"
  • Annam Sowah, the tailor, stands in the doorway of his shop
  • Annam Sowah, the tailor measures in in his shop
  • The tailor takes Yves' measurements.
  • Yves and Prince both wearing colourful African print shirts

1-6. On our way to buy fabric with Steven. | 7. Independence Square. | 8. Independence Arch. | 9. On our way to the Makola Market. | 10. Façade of the tailor shop. | 11. Annam Sowah, the tailor. | 12-13. The tailor takes Yves’ measurements. | 14. Yves and Prince modelling their fabulous made-to-measure shirts at an outing in Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Memorial Park. | Photos: Anne-Marie Giroux

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