Simone Biles got everyone confused over her engagement

Olympian and World medallist Simone Biles posted yet another cryptic post about her recent engagement and got social media all confused. The gymnast’s post did a triple double on the minds of her followers on Twitter.

Biles wrote: “Like Beyoncé, but with an F” and posted a smiling wink face emoji and a ring beside it but most people couldn’t solve the riddle.

“What does she mean?” people asked. “That took me a minute,” someone said. I didn’t know where to put the F, another one said. Are they engaged to each other? a bunch of them asked. That comment wasn’t so strange considering that quite a few others thought they were engaged to each other.

Biles was posing with her best friend and interior designer @kaylasimonehome on a swing, both of them showing off their left hands with rings on their second fingers.

@Sah_Phyre said: “My stupid a*s sat here like “Befoncé?” For a whole minute.”

Biles has posted a whole heap of pictures of her and boyfriend Jonathan Owens of the Houston Texans football team on social media, wearing matching jackets or matching pyjamas or just looking cosy and playful together on the beach. One of her post several weeks ago had her showing off pictures she took in front of a bridal boutique. Before that there were engagement pictures. That message should have been loud and clear.

It’s possible that some of her millions of fans didn’t see the first post, or the second post … but it still took way too long for some people to get it.

Owens popped the question in February. He proposed to Biles on Valentine’s Day. She shared the images with her 6.9 million followers on Instagram the next day. Their engagement was covered by magazines, TV shows and was mentioned on

Biles shared that it was “THE EASIEST YES” to Owens when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

“I can’t wait to spend forever & ever with you, you’re everything I dreamed of and more! let’s get married FIANCÉ,” wrote Biles.

Owens replied, “Ready for forever with you .”

Instagram chimed in saying: “first the gold, now the silver .”

Simone Biles announces her engagement

In early March, Biles posed in front of the window of a bridal dress shop in two photos on social media. This tweet was also a big hint about her engagement: “said yes to the dress(es).” This too had a ring emoji, with a dove with an olive branch beside it bringing news of peace and love. One would think that her fans would have found out about her engagement already. After all, it’s not everyday that one goes shopping for a wedding dress.

It seemed like so sort of digital hive mind mental block, the kind of thing that only the joker could be behind.

by Cherryl Bird – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Twitter @ladycbird | Instagram @cherrylbird

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