Billie Eilish launches sultry new fragrance in Canada

The new fragrance from singer Billie Eilish debuts in Canada today, May 11. Until now, it was only available in the United States.

A blond Billie eolith, right shoulder toward the camera, left hand holding the bottle of perfume on her right shoulder, head turned right, eyes cast upward. No sign of clothing. Black background.

“I wanted it to feel like a warm embrace. Like what it feels like to feel your blood rushing through you. It’s a scent that I’ve been chasing for years and years and years. It’s my favorite smell in the world,” says the singer in a quote on the Eilish product website.  

Creating her own fragrance is a natural step for the 20-year-old Grammy-winning musician. Eilish has had a lifelong obsession with scent as well as a fascination with perfume bottles going all the way back to her childhood. While she’s on tour around the world she takes the opportunity to indulge in that obsession by collecting fragrances. Her perfume collection has now grown into the hundreds. 

Considering her love of perfumes, it’s no surprise that she was hands-on in the creation of her fragrance. Eilish was closely involved in every step of the creation process. She had full creative control of all phases, from the vision, bottle design, packaging and brand campaign, to the scent itself. 

The sultry bottle design is inspired by the female décolletage area, Eilish’s favorite parts of the body: the chest, neck, and collarbone, and goes low into the ample cleavage area of the bust. The bottle is a gilded amber-bronze with an angled, rectangular profile of part of a face. The brand photo an alluring Eilish sporting platinum blond hair. It’s a drastic departure from her usual gender neutral style. It’s likely that the image change was for the brand campaign as much as it was for her recently released album. It wasn’t a permanent change as Eilish appeared in public at the Met Gala donning her usual Goth black hair colour.

Elish perfume bottle with a profile of a part of the face from the nose to an ample cleavage of an armless bust. The top is cut off on a right angle from the back of the head to the below the eye. It's a bronze colour. Black background.

I’ve yet to try Eilish’s namesake fragrance, but I’ve been told that it’s a captivating, warm, cozy scent that feels like home no matter where you are. It has top notes of sugared flower petals, accented by juicy mandarin and red berries. The core notes of Eilish come from soft spices, rich cocoa and creamy vanilla, anchored by undertones of warm musk, tonka bean and sleek woods. The perfume is vegan, cruelty-free and made with clean ingredients.

Although the fragrance launches in Canada today, Eilish won’t be available in stores in Canada until June 8, when you can find it in drugstores and at Hudson’s Bay. Eilish will also be available in Europe on June 1. The Eilish Eau de Parfum is US$68 on the product’s website and was available only in the United States until today. 

Eilish is the youngest artist to receive nominations and win in all the major categories at the GRAMMYs, receiving awards for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Vocal Album. She’s also the youngest artist to write and record an official James Bond theme song, No Time To Die, which won an Academy Award for Best Song this year. The singer recently performed at Coachella and apologized to the audience for not being Beyonce, despite her own popularity. Eilish is currently playing in sold-out arenas on her Happier Than Ever world tour.

by Cherryl Bird – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Twitter @ladycbird | Instagram @cherrylbird

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