Sports releases music video for new single ‘Baby Baby’

Their music gives off a vibe of being listened to in the 23rd century while being played on electronic devices and instruments in the mid-20th century. Notes are bent, sounds are warped, voices are soft, the volume goes up and down, the speed of the music changes, crackle and grit get in the way of the smoothness of their sound and gives it a vintage vinyl feel.

Sports releases new music video for 'Baby Baby' single
Sports releases new music video for ‘Baby Baby’ single

Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot seem to love to experiment with acoustics and electronics that inform the music of the ’70s and ’80s, the funkadelic and the psychedelic overtures of the time, kept at a minimum in their music but forms the foundation of their sound. The two have been playing with this muted R&B, funked-up indie-pop sound since grade school, only half a decade ago.

Sports released the music video for their new single Baby Baby, today. In the video, we catch up with the duo underground, in a ’70s style basement, wearing ’90s retro fashion while reminiscing about old relationships. The mood feels a lot like today, like life under lockdown during a pandemic. Living in limited space, trapped indoors, thinking about the past. 

“I think we’re longing for the world above,” elaborates vocalist/keyboardist Chronister. “It seems appealing compared to the world below—a small, decaying room with nothing to do but watch TV and mope around. To me, it mirrors the world we’re in today.”

Baby Baby will be featured on Sports’ recently announced two-part LP to be released in the coming months.

The Los Angeles, CA/Norman, OK band returned in 2018 with their first full-length album Everyone’s Invited, after People Can’t Stop Chillin, released in 2016 and their 2015 debut LP Naked All The Time. Visit Sports’ website or Listen or watch some of their videos on YouTube.

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