Wally British Waves A Red Flag On Men Who Want You To Be Their Side Chick

Wally British with her red flags and t-shirts
Wally British flies her red flag, photo from Facebook

Thousands of people around the world hang on to her every word whether she is talking to them from the back seat of a cab or from the hair salon chair; jumping off rocks into a river in Portland, Jamaica or hanging out in an airplane cockpit at the airport just before take-off – everything she does is up-close-and-personal – and a valuable service to women around the world.

When I first encountered Wally British, I thought she was simply a girl with a smart phone who liked to turn the camera on her friends and family in her local community. I quickly realized that her unfiltered method of giving advice made her something of a phenomenon whose talent is developing right before our very eyes.  British is hilarious, to say the least.

Entertainer Wally British on stage wearing a white jumpsuit, with a mic and a red flag in her hands
Entertainer Wally British, photo from Facebook

Known for issuing her trademark “Red Flag!” warning to put a stop to no-where relationships before they even begin, the 34-year old entertainer, whose real name is Susan Williams, is having fun spouting off relationship advice to women, on everyday issues. She speaks Jamaican patois at a high-speed pace with total control as if she is reporting from an emergency rescue scene on the highway.  Her motto is “Str8888 Talk. No filter.” Her Facebook page gives an accurate description or perhaps a warning of the content found there; “This page focuses on real issues, straight talk, no filter style, with humour and brutal honesty. Anything no straight a go get BUN UP!!”

British can make a ladylike schoolteacher drop her lesson and start cussing like a beer-chugging truck-driver – nothing against truck-drivers, beer-chuggers, or even school teachers.  Her fans are not afraid to speak up either, they rebuttal her views in their own video rants. “No Wally, you wrong,” says one woman who went on for a good five minutes about events that lead to the breakup of dancehall artist Gully Bop and Shauna Chin. This story is otherwise known to  British followers as “The Saga.”  British thinks that women tend to be on the side of men in arguments, while they push other women down. She supports Chin, against a heap of negative criticism, saying she earned the money she got from Gully Bop for her public relations work while she was his girlfriend. “In order for Shauna Chin to prove herself with Gully Bop, she would have had to stay in a relationship with him for life,” she adds.

Strangers ask her advice or her fans’ advice on issues like how to handle their pot-smoking, candy-stealing 14-year-old, whether or not it’s okay to date someone 10 years older, how to spot potentially disastrous partners, gold diggers and the like or where to find a suitable two-bedroom apartment in Queens, New York City.

Caribbean people from all over the world post their Sunday dinner on Facebook for a thumbs up or a thumbs down – Tun Up or Bun Up – feature from British and her fan base.

Wally British tells her fans the no-nonsense version of reality but it wasn’t until 2014 when she realized that she had something special with her home video rants on issues of the day, she says, after her first video went viral.  She seems to be taking it to the next level.  Last year she released a  music video on YouTube for her reggae song called Wake Up, about women who sleep with other women’s men, a topic similar to that of her more comedic pieces, Side Chick Part I and II.   People kept asking for them, she says on her website, WallyBritish.com. She is on a mission to plant red flags from Port Antonio, where she’s from, to Florida, where she lives, and all over the cosmos.

Wally British – official music video for Wake Up

The main chick is the wife (kind of), explains British, while in an interview from Florida with Jamaica-based national radio show host Miss Kitty; she’s the star of the football game, and the side chick(s) play other team positions.  In Side Chick I, British lays out the team positions of the side chicks and in Side Chick II she sets out the rules of the game.  “You can’t call man after a certain time at night” or ask questions like, “Where do you see this relationship going?”  She doesn’t understand that she doesn’t have a chance; but side chicks have a mission, says British, they’re trying to take the main chick’s man.  Before the ladies get restless, she also made a video about “Side Man.”

For many people of Caribbean descent who live abroad, British is a connection to their roots.  They follow her and interact with her on social media from all parts of the world. Every move she makes is shared through photographs and videos with her fans.  She has acquired over 2.5 million views on YouTube over the last two years, over 100,000 followers on Instagram. She has amassed about 80,000 page Likes on Facebook, which increases by about 15 percent, about 1,000 each week, plus thousands of shares and comments, not including interactions on her personal account, plus another thousand on Twitter. She may have gone viral accidentally with her first video, Belt, when she turned the camera on a guy wearing a giant, gold dollar sign ($) belt buckle, but she consistently draws an audience, a sign that she is here to stay.

Wally British official soca music version of Red Flag premiered in Dec

The other morning, a post on her Instagram said she was appearing in Toronto, a big surprise; she was just signing autographs somewhere in the US and posing with her followers  who seem to track her from city to city. The week before that she was in Jamaica. This morning, she’s appearing live, in-person for an interview on Mark & Jem In The Morning on G98.7 FM talking about her performance as part of HEAT at the Classic Lounge with ‘real rich’ artist Tanto Blacks later in the evening. Then, she travels to England on Feb 18.

In 2014 she made her TV debut appearance on CVM at Sunrise, a Jamaican morning talk show where three ladies discuss current issues from their personal points of view.  Back then, British was spelling her last name with a double h – Britishh – and she came across as shy and humble.  Her Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts use the double h in the link.  Her fans say they like her because she tells the truth; the older folks say she reminds them of the way their grandmothers used to give advice and the younger people like the advice because it’s practical. They all seem to think that British is fantastic and they want her to stay the way she is, even if she becomes well-known.

“Me tired of it.”

In Wally British Goes Dating by the seaside, she meets her match made in heaven in a fellow whose nickname is Dutty Scottish, (actually comedian Dutty Berry) a man who is also tired of the dating scene, especially of people who do some or all of the following:

  • always beg you for money because they don’t want to work,
  • order the most expensive meal on the menu after they say they don’t have any money,
  • want to move in with you practically on the first date,
  • nag you when you don’t pick up after them,
  • hang their underwear on the bathroom shower curtain rod, or
  • smoke weed all day and can’t perform sexually or carry a conversation because they’re strung out.

Are you guilty of any or all of the above? Tell me about it in the comments below.

by Cherryl Bird – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Twitter @ladycbird | Instagram @cherrylbird

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