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Natural hair and skincare tips from a metal queen

Lzzy Hale’s “Dirty Work” D.I.Y. Recipes Straight from Her Diary

Hale’s “Lady Evil” insignia on her diary, The Diary of Lzzy Hale, seems ominous and even downright scary until you open its pages. Well, Lady Evil gives some great natural skin and haircare tips.

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When you’re in it

Sometimes we forget what it’s like to be in it when we’ve gone through it. And sometimes when we’re in it we feel like we will never make it through.

When Halestorm released the 10th anniversary edition of their debut album last year, the band’s gale-force lead singer Lzzy Hale made an entry into her diary. She said it felt like she’s lived several lifetimes since the debut. She wrote about the hard times they went through together as a band. They were able to make it through those tough times. So I thought I would scrape up her words and share some of them with you here. If you’re a musician, there may be some inspiration in it for you. 

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