Ghost kitchen spiced by Hellmann’s disappearing fast

Hellmann's Spicy Mayo Chicken Sandwich
Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo Chicken Sandwich

Hellmann’s Canada launches a virtual pop-up restaurant in Toronto called Savour where customers can view the menu online and have the delicious dishes appear at their door. 

Spicy Mayo Chicken Sandwich, vegetarian Spicy Mushroom Poke Bowl, Spicy Tuna Cake Lettuce Wraps, Spicy Tornado Jumbo Wings, Tangy Heat Sweet Potato Fries W/Spicy Herbed Garlic Spicy Mayo … Notice anything interesting about this menu curated by celebrity chef and influencer Wallace Wong?

The dishes are all spicy, like their creator’s personality. Wong likes to slice and dice fruits and vegetables with his shirt off and uses the hashtag #sixpackchef and #shirtlesschef on TikTok because he appears shirtless in many of his videos to show off his finely tuned six-pack. He can make mangoes and cucumbers trend. The eats above are all made with Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo, which, according to Wong, delivers a spicy kick and breathes life into leftover foods.

Ah there’s the rub. The purpose behind this ghost kitchen is to show people ways to prepare leftovers and to prevent food waste. Are they suggesting that Canadians, particularly Torontonians, don’t conserve food or that they’re not very creative in the kitchen? Could be both. The company says that Savour draws part of its inspiration from some key findings around food waste in Canada. 

“Savour is an extension of our mission to help Canadians be more resourceful with their food, so that they can enjoy it and waste less,” says Kristen Denega, Canada Hellmann’s Market Lead & NA Innovations, Unilever. 

Denega launched a global food rescue program at Hellmann’s global offices, which saved around 180,000 meals that were then donated to Canadians in need through Second Harvest.

As a chef and content creator, Wong is always coming up with creative ideas in the kitchen. His goal in this ghost kitchen is to inspire food enthusiasts at home by sharing ways to spice up their at-home cooking. In this case people get to taste test the food that Hellmann’s wants them to try, delivered right to their door, professionally prepared with the essential ingredient.

The pop-up kitchen is hosted in collaboration with Ghost Kitchen Brands. Dishes are priced between $4.99 and $12.99. Customers can order on SkipTheDishes online exclusively, starting today, until menu items are sold out.

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by Cherryl Bird – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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