The Big Dream China

Big Dream art project to send 100,000 dreams around the world and into space

The Big Dream art project is the ultimate example of dreaming big. The project will consist of crowdsourced dreams encapsulated into one giant work of art to be projected at landmarks around the globe on a symbolic day of peace and sent into outer space with an astronaut. This has to be the largest group show in history and will likely be the largest number of people collaborating on a work of art.

Five hundred dreams for the future set the foundation for the world’s largest artwork for the first project. It was made out of 1,500 yoga mats laid out by 50 puzzlers in over 1,400 sq. metres and it turned the city centre into a gathering place for a very large yoga class.

The Big Dream in Israel
The Big Dream in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, 2017

That was in 2017 when The Big Dream project, made up of a team of volunteer artists, scientists, marketers, developers and Dreame co-creators pieced together the first works of art based on dreams from individuals in schools, cities and associations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel. The resulting artwork was digitally scanned, sliced and printed onto 1,500 yoga mats, which they pieced together like a giant puzzle on the ground in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv for people to congregate for yoga practice. 

In Chengdu, China people were inspired by thousands of dreams about the future of China and the world last year. Many children in China dream of becoming diplomats around the world.

The Big Dream in China, An artist stands under a giant poster outside a building
The Big Dream art project in Chengdu, China, 2020
The Big Dream China
The Big Dream artwork on a building in China, 2020

The current project is an even larger undertaking with Dreame, the company behind The Big Dream, calling for more people from all over the world to contribute their individual personal dreams starting on Earth Day, April 22. Dreams can be uploaded onto the Dreame website before being amalgamated into one larger collaborative work of art. 

The Big Dream art project unveils around the world on International Peace Day.

The final artwork, made of a hundred thousand dreams, will be projected at prominent sites around the world, including museums, castles, historical buildings, centres of innovation and tourist hotspots. Among these locations are Tel Aviv’s Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, founded by former President of Israel and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize Shimon Peres, the Old Royal Naval College in London, the Tower of David in Jerusalem, the Leopold Museum in Vienna, St. George’s Castle in Lisbon, a national heritage site in India and the ZAZ10TS gallery in Times Square in New York City. This stage will happen on September 21, also known around the world as International Peace Day.

The first destination for the artwork will be in cyberspace, the second will be 20 well-known architectural sites around the world, and the third destination will be outer space. Through a collaboration with the Ramon Foundation, as part of the Sky mission, the artwork will be flown to the International Space Station with Eytan Stibbe, the second Israeli astronaut in space.

If having your artwork exhibited in space isn’t a large enough venture for you, a fourth stage will see a copy of the final artwork sent to participants who submit their dreams to the project.

Efrat Duvdevani, CEO of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation considers it an honour for the centre to take part in such a unique project. “Peres used to tell the younger generation to dare, imagine, think outside the box and always dream big,” he says. Adding that both Shimon Peres and Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli in space, “shared a common dream to dare and break the boundaries of the earth. They inspired us to be optimistic, to dream big and see innovation as a tool for a better world.”

Share your dreams in words or images

People from around the world can participate by sharing their dreams through drawings or answering a series of questions on The Big Dream website from now until August 1, 2021. After giving your location and email address, you will be emailed a copy of the final piece of artwork. 

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