Where to eat in Accra

In Canada people are quick to warn you that when you travel abroad you have to be careful what you eat. They will profess with a warning not to eat street meat because of what happened to them or a friend of a friend when they did. We listened to their advice but once we arrived in Ghana, it was a different story we headed directly to a spot down the road from our hostel to try the local food.

Two bottles and an almost empty glass of beer
Going local in Accra. What happened to the food? Photo: Anne-Marie Giroux

On our first night, we wanted to experience the local cuisine. We didn’t have to go too far for an excellent dinner, the street just next to the hostel had a food stand. The meal included goat cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, fried fish, noodles and rice combined.

On the other side of the street, there was a small bar from which we ordered two local beers.  Star quickly became our favourite local brand. The owner of the bar allowed us to eat our meal on the spot. It was wonderful, spontaneous and the food was delicious!

The Pink Hostel, the youth hostel we stayed, serves varied and excellent breakfasts, included as part of your stay. On the first morning, we ate delicious green peas cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, served with a one-egg omelette, petit pain and fresh-cut pineapples.

On the second morning, we tried spicy coconut vegetables mixed with thin noodles, served with a one-egg omelette, petit pain and fresh-cut watermelon! Miam! Miam! Miam!

Everything we ate was delicious. No revenge or upsets of any kind, just great mouthwatering food to rival a neighbourhood French bistro.

by Anne-Marie Giroux, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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