Braxton family loses sister Traci

The Braxton family has lost their sister Traci.

Actress and singer Traci Braxton of the passionate and colourful family known for living their lives in front of the camera on the reality TV show Braxton Family Values has passed away.

Traci’s sister Toni Braxton publicly announced her sorrow on social media, saying “It is with the utmost regret that we inform you of the passing of our sister, Traci. Needless to say, she was a bright light, a wonderful daughter, an amazing sister, a loving mother, wife, grandmother and a respected performer. We will miss her dearly.”

Toni said her sister Traci passed away this morning and compared her to a snowflake. “Traci passed this morning as the snow was falling, our angel is now a snowflake,” wrote Toni.

Her sister Towanda said, “Our morning ritual, laughing, saying good morning or even watching the same movie on the phone in silence. No one will ever know just how we were as sisters. Behind the screen, living and loving our truth. All of us….being on the phone together for hours at a time. An amazing daughter, a dope ass sister, an incredible mom and an awesome grandma (Bubbie). A SUPERSTAR!! We never missed a beat without saying I love you whenever a call ended. A hummingbird was at my front door this morning and all I could do was smile- knowing it was you, saying ‘Good morning Umba’. My heart is broken but….Now….God has you in HIS bosom. I love you my forever Traci.”

Traci’s husband told TMZ that Traci was privately in treatment for esophageal cancer and that her sisters, mom and friends were by her side when she passed.

Traci passed away on the weekend, March 12, at the age of 50.

Traci Braxton – “Last Call” on Vevo

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