Massive movie props and wardrobe sale

I have an inside lead on a designer vintage clear-out sale from stage and film sets. Ballet dancers and studios, get en pointe for this one. They have thousands of dollars worth of dance shoes. This also goes perfectly with the two themes I have lined up for the magazine for this month – vintage and movies.

I meant to tell you all about it last week. I got the okay from the owner-organizer, who even sent me photos of the merchandise. This one is from the Canadian Opera Company and a local film set. They’re on the Core Magazines Facebook page to see select images.

Moss green one-shoulder, mid-calf Ted Baker silk-sheen dress draped on a Judy, loose cloth belt hangs in front, by a metal clothes rack

They’re clearing out over $120,000 worth of designer clothes from a movie shot in Toronto last year. Up for sale are shoes, purses, costumes, jewelry, boxes and boxes of great and cool props, and Miguel Caraballo masks. All selling for at least half of what production paid for it.

Props and costumes from The Canadian Opera Company, plus over 600 pairs of brand new ballet pointe shoes and dance leotards and tutus.
Looking for a Halloween costume or Comicon, cosplay dress, role-playing fames, costumes for your next production, or if you just like hanging out in Zombie clothes. They have the costumes from the TV show The Strain.

These are the same people who brought you Road to Avonlee and Wind at My Back recycle upcycle.

Working on a video or film production, you could get your hands on over $25,000 worth of film production equipment as well.

Vintage fare for your home furnishing or vintage clothes to put on your Judy or on your body. They have it. The organizer says he has some vendors joining him for this event and some are selling art.

This entrepreneur is not a sponsor and I’m not making any money from the promotion of the sale. It’s responsible to reuse and recycle, and save yourself some money. You may even find a collectable.

Location: 310 Danforth Ave. right by the Chester Subway or visit Ready Set Recycle online. Wednesday, March 16- 27, from 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Please bring a can, bottle, box, or bag of something for the local food bank.

by Cherryl Bird – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Twitter @ladycbird | Instagram @cherrylbird

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