National Museum of Ghana sculpture garden

The garden outside the National Museum of Ghana is full of sculptures that showcase the region’s local culture and history.

  • A sculpture of a drummer in the garden in front of the National Museum of Ghana
  • A sculpture of a man playing a bull horn-type instrument near the entrance of the Ghana's national museum
  • A monument to a Ghanaian leader standing on a pedestal
  • A series of sculptures depicting the culture of Ghana on the national museum grounds
  • A bust of a woman with a raised hand cradling her head
  • Three figures in a canoe paddling, centreground
  • The headless, armless trunk of a woman's body wearing a cross pendant around her neck and a bikini-type bottom
  • A sculpture of a female figure pouring water from a ceramic jug
  • An abstract sculpture of male figure with his head facing backward
  • An abstract sculpture in the garden of the national museum

Pieces from the National Museum of Ghana sculpture garden. Photos: Anne-Marie Giroux

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