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Sofi Tukker – ‘Fuck They’ (JINCO Remix)

Producer JINCO releases a remix of Sofi Tukker’s Fuck They today, Oct. 27, 2017 just months after the song’s release this summer.

As to why he chose to remix this particular song, JINCO says it was the lyrics that spoke to him. He says, the “first time I heard this song, I immediately connected because in the music business, it’s always someone, ‘They,’ who will say yes or no and that answer has the potential to take you to the next level. The song to me is a rise against that and to just be you and not care about what others think, especially the powers that be.”

Who’s ‘They’, anyway?

Just coming off his back-to-back tour of Australia, New Zealand and India, JINCO is rounding out the year with releases coming out on a weekly basis, peppered with original tracks and remixes for fans to get pumped for his eventual performance at this years’ OMFG! NYE Festival in San Diego.

A surfer-gone-wild from Santa Cruz, California, JINCO brings visceral performances and an energetic stage presence to every venue. His unique blend of future trap and a cinematic orchestral sound has been heard across the world. In 2016, I Wonder, his first original solo release, generated over eight million plays while his second release, Tokyo, generated over 15 million plays.

JINCO’s sense for the dramatic in music composition and production is matched by the energy he puts into his live performances. He tempered the profanity and introduced layers of percussion play. An infectious and memorable song is now an emotionally-charged remix with a Brazilian uptempo, built on the I-don’t-care attitude of Fuck They, which JINCO inherited from duo Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern of the Grammy-nominated band Sofi Tukker.

You can listen to the remix here: Fuck They – Sofi Tukker (JINCO Remix)

Watch the video of the original version of Sofi Tukker’s Fuck They

by Cherryl Bird – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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