Texas woman threatens to shoot a group of Asian women

A possible racially-motivated hate crime between a woman who claims that she is of Mexican-American heritage and a group of South-Asian women in Dallas, Texas was captured on film.

A woman walks up to a group of four other women and allegedly assaults them without provocation. She then threatens to shoot them, tried to hit them, hurled racially-motivated insults at them and would not stop harassing them even when she was asked to.

The woman said she approached the group of four other women, who were out to dinner that evening, because “I hate you f‘ing Indians. That’s why.” She also said that “Indians are everywhere” she goes.

Her racist statements were followed by her asserting: “I was born here.” She then reached into her purse, while saying “I’m going to f’ing shoot your ass,” when the women did not obey her orders to turn their phone cameras off.

A video being circulated on social media has images of the woman as well as film footage of much of the incident that took place, an image of what is said to be her vehicle’s licence plate and the possible name of her child’s school. The video was posted by a child of one of the women. The person who posted the video also said that the police were called to the scene to intervene.

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by Cherryl Bird – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Twitter @ladycbird | Instagram @cherrylbird

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