Core Magazines Sponsors Music in Motion Canada Awards

TORONTO, Oct. 13, 2023 /Press Release/ – Core Magazines, a unique voice in the world of culture, is media sponsor of a music talent event that offers artists chances to win awards and prizes worth over $25,000 and opportunities to help the participants move ahead in their music careers.

Toronto based culture publication Core Magazines is supporting Music in Motion Canada (MiMc) and their collaborators EMG Collectives on the MiMc Awards 2023. The competition gives undiscovered singer-songwriters, composers, and indie artists a chance to showcase their talent directly to award-winning music industry professionals.

“MiMc is giving indie musicians a chance to shine and to improve on their craft through adjudicated feedback. This kind of focused attention from industry experts is something independent artists don’t usually get. Expert advice and practical resources are valued commodities in the music industry,” says Core Magazines founder and editor Cherryl Bird, a music lover who champions ideas that create access to culture and connect culture creators.

Core Magazines connects artists around the globe through the magazine’s distinct music funnel, Core Music, which publishes unique articles on a diverse array of music genres from hip-hop to pop, rockabilly to industrial, traditional world beats to modern electronic. Core Music Events, highlighting music news, live shows and concert listings, festivals and attractions submitted by music lovers from around the world, is a favourite section for readers – many of whom are musicians.

MiMc founder Barb Keck says that participants get a chance to win prizes that are designed to support and uplift indie musicians on their personal music journey. Every musician gets a swag bag, personalized feedback from a panel of music professionals and a certificate. Artists who excel in originality, skill, and distinction have the chance to win personalized branding, media marketing, promotion, distribution services as well as exclusive consultation and mentorship sessions through the MiMc Awards 2023.

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Founded in 2014, Core Magazines is an independent culture publication that strives to create access to culture for everyone and opportunities for artists to engage with their communities locally and around the world. We cross continents to bring our audience authentic stories about music culture, movies, art, travel, cultural trends, and Core Culture News from the wire. Core Magazines is part of Core Media.

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