First Look at Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman (Video)

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The film opens June 2.










Warner Bros. gives us a long-anticipated first glimpse of DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman in action on Dare to Defy, a special on The CW on Tuesday, hosted by actor-director and comic book writer Kevin Smith.

“We are going to see her coming of age, her entire history,” says the Israeli actress, model and director Gal Gadot (the Fast & Furious films), who was cast in the film’s lead role as Diana Prince and her alter ego Wonder Woman.

In the trailer we see the battle-clad Amazonian princess as a swashbuckling superhero galloping  through the forest on horseback, more reminiscent of Xena: Warrior Princess than the original TV series with Lynda Carter in the lead role as Wonder Woman. There’s a gloomy look to the scenes even when she’s dressed in red.

The action adventure film is directed by Patty Jenkins (“Monster,” AMC’s “The Killing”) and stars Chris Pine (the “Star Trek” films) as Captain Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman opens June 2, 2017 around the world. (update)

Its release is more than a year away but your first chance to see Wonder Woman depicted on the big screen will be in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder and starring Gadot as Wonder Woman as early as May 6, or perhaps the original March 25 date.

Snyder says, “Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character.”

Gadot posted the Wonder Woman trailer/discussion from Tuesday’s CW show on her Facebook page yesterday,  saying, “Can wait to share this with you all”.  I’m sure she meant “Can’t wait”.

The first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice official trailer was released on April 17 and another version was exclusive on Jimmy Kimmel Live and this is the funny version called Official Trailer 2 but labelled Trailer 3 on IMDB.  I’m starting to lose track.  The film has a powerhouse cast including Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Jessie Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Holly Hunter (see the list on IMDB).

To make things a little more confusing, fan-created trailers are popping up on the internet.  One meme shows Angelina Jolie as the Queen of the Amazons on Themyscira, Diana’s Paradise Island home, very similar to her role as Olympias, mother of the Macedonian emperor Alexander in the namesake film, among a mishmash of CGI edits and assorted cuts. It looked so real that you could easily fall for it,  if it were not for Jolie’s very unique accent in Alexander.

Some fans on social media seem reluctant to like Gadot in the role of Wonder Woman, as if they felt they would be betraying Lynda Carter who brought the character to life, but I have a feeling they were really reacting to the fake trailers.

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