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A series of events under the theme Roots 77 underway since January 31 continues with the main event, a seven-hour Live Stream of Bob Marley’s 77th Earthstrong tribute, taking place on the legendary musician’s birthday on February 6. Events unfold during Reggae Month in Jamaica and include a live sound clash competition, musicians the Marley Brothers (Ziggy, Stephen, Ky-Mani, Julian, and Damian) and special link-ups in honour of Bob Marley.

“I am so pleased to have the opportunity to honour my dad each year — especially in a way that welcomes fans and well-wishers around the world to share this special occasion with our family,” states Cedella Marley

Where the Roots 77 theme came from

This year is particularly important to us with Jamaica celebrating its 60th anniversary.  The theme we chose, Roots 77, is inspired by the song Roots and as we go back to our roots, we get a chance to explore the growth of reggae, Rastafari, and Jamaica,” says Cedella Marley.

Roots 77 Bob Marley tribute on Tuff Gong TV on YouTube

Bob Marley’s 77th birthday live stream will be carried on Tuff Gong’s YouTube channel: Tuff Gong Television on February 6 from 12-noon to 7 p.m.

The live stream features the broadcast premiere of the Roots 77 Concert from Jamaica as well as additional performances from Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, who now has an inspirational blues-based gospel and country sound and still does her dancehall sound. Her music can make you cry and dance at the same time. Sharon Marley, Skip Marley, Yohan Marley perform before the main event concert finale performed by The Marley Brothers (Ziggy, Stephen, Ky-Mani, Julian, and Damian).

The birthday live stream on Tuff Gong TV will include highlights from the ongoing celebrations as well as live-action events at the Bob Marley Museum like African drumming; student performances, and the traditional blowing of the Abeng, a ceremonial horn.

True to the Roots 77 theme of honoring the unique cultural foundation of Jamaican music, the sound clash is from a time when reggae ruled the dancehalls (clubs). The first vinyl selector to start the show is Japanese-Jamaican DJ Yumi Hi-Power, also with a female Jamaican MC hype woman against selector Next Level.  

Nonso Amadi, a singer-songwriter from Lagos, Nigeria, who also lived and studied in the UK and Toronto, Canada performs a set that includes Bob Marley’s song Africa Unite. R&B musician H.E.R. and Skip Marley perform on a rebroadcast of an earlier Good Morning America session. The very young Elijah Marley plays drums while singing John Lennon’s song Imagine and Stephen Marley‘s Rockstone.

‘Echoes of Sound Systems – When the Two 7’s Clash’ is a collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sports and will be aired first on the Tuff Gong TV birthday live stream, February 6. Billed as the sound clash to end all sound clashes, it will see sound systems vie for the top prize and bragging rights. This event also launches part of the celebrations marking Jamaica’s 60-year anniversary of independence and will air weekly during Reggae Month in February on Tuff Gong TV.

Another highlight is the Roots 77 Concert: Celebrating the Roots of Marley’s Livity, which was broadcast live from Jamaica and heard exclusively on Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Radio (channel 19, SiriusXM) from Tuff Gong International Studio on January 31. This concert, hosted by Jamaican musician Tommy Cowan, (father of singer Naomi Cowan) who travelled to Africa with Bob Marley and the Wailers on a human rights pilgrimage. The show features performances from Etana, Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Gyptian, Bugle, and Black-Am-I from the Ghetto Youth International music label and Amanyea.

An overview of Roots 77 events in Core Magazines including the Rita Marley exhibition at the Bob Marley Museum.

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